Citizen Charter Ponda Municipal Council


The Municipality during the erstwhile Portuguese regime was known as “Camara Municipal de Ponda” It was built between 1885 and 1896 and was probably the headquarters of "Administração das Matas" and the house of it's direct catering to all the villages in Ponda Taluka until the Goa Municipalities Act, 1968, came into force. The “Camara Municipal de Ponda” is now reconstituted into Ponda Municipal Council. The Members of the “Camara Municipal de Ponda” were then nominated by the Government, but after the reconstitution of the Municipal Council, the Members to all the 14 wards are elected by the Members of the council.

There is no informative material available as a compilation to make the public aware and understand the procedure laid down to get their work done easily. Therefore the main purpose of this compendium is to bring at one place, the basic information about the procedures involved in obtaining various NOC’s licences and permissions, hiring of Municipal properties viz Night Soil Tankers, Hearse Van, Municipal hall, Kranti Maidan etc.

The Citizen’s Charter will give an idea as to how one has to approach to various authorities in the Municipality to get their work done promptly.